Tip #1

The most expensive shoe does not necessarily make your feet feel more comfortable. More often a middle priced shoe may feel better and will still be the right shoe for your foot type. Don’t let price influence your decision!

Tip #2

If you wear orthotics, look for a shoe deep enough in the heel cup to accommodate the orthotic and your foot comfortably. Always, take your orthotics with you to try on new shoes!

Tip #3

The size and width printed inside the shoe are merely guides to the customer. For example, a person wearing a size 10.5 could find himself or herself very comfortable in another shoe labeled size 9. There is little consistency in the shoe size from one shoe company to the next. Trust your feet and not the tag!

Tip #4

Always try on more than one pair of shoes so that you can compare the fit. But, do not exceed 3 or 4 pairs as to not confuse yourself.


Tip #5

When sizing, fit the length of the longer foot. You should have anywhere from 1/8-1/2 “ of space in front of your longest toe; which may or may not be your big toe. If a size fits snugly in the arch of the foot and the heel area and provides adequate toe movement…that is a good fit.

Tip #6

The best fit will come from a shoe that is shaped like your foot. The base of the shoe should be at least as wide as your foot. Be reminded that shoes will stretch a bit for width but not for length. Your toes will pay the price for a shoe that is too short with blisters, corns, and black toenails.

Mark Van Akkeren, Pro Triathlete

Tip #7

If your ankles rotate from outside to inside thus flattening the arch, you will need to look for a shoe with a hard heel counter and (medial) or inside stability pieces. If you have flat feet you will also need to look for a shoe with a straight cut last along the inside of the shoe. If you have a high arch with little motion in the ankle, you should look for a shoe with adequate cushion in order to avoid shock-related injuries. The last should be semi-curved in the arch in order to properly support the mid-foot.