According to Wikipedia, The word “Orthotics ( Greek ortho, meaning ‘to straighten or align’) is a speciality within the medical field concerned with the design, manufacture and application of orthosis. An orthosis is an orthopedic device that supports or corrects the function of a limb or torso. It combines disciplines of study within the health and physical sciences; mathematics and materials engineering, gait analysis, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and biomechanics. Certified pedorthic practitioners (known as pedorthists) are specialists in foot orthotics (pedorthics).”

These days you can walk into almost any athletic store, or Walmart for that matter, stand on a computer device, pay $75, and receive, what claims to be, “a custom fit orthotic”. There is very little “custom” about it. A big part of the appeal of a truly custom orthotic is the uniqueness of it. The left will not always look like the right. From Elite Feet, you will get an orthotic that was built just for you by someone you have actually met. Simple designs that work. If it isn’t necessary, you won’t get it. Clean, simple, fit. Guaranteed!

Elite Feet orthotics, coupled with the proper footwear, will gently direct your feet and legs into their strongest biomechanical positioning. Whether you have chronic injuries or simply wish to help prevent the possibility of injury, Elite Feet orthotics will provide the stability, support, and comfort for any activity.

Elite Feet orthotics are a semi-flexible, accommodative orthotic device. The mold is an exact representation of the bone structure of your foot in its ideal position. Initially, orthotics will feel strange or different, but should not hurt. Orthotics will require a period of adjustment while your body adapts to the new position. During this time period, your body heat and body weight will allow for additional molding of the orthotics to the natural contours of your foot structure thus, continuing to increase comfort. As you become used to this more proper alignment, the orthotics will become an indispensable part of your daily regimen.

Our standard orthotic is ¾ length, which means it ends right behind the five balls (metatarsal heads) of your feet. This length will allow the orthotics to slide in and out of varying styles and lengths of shoes. Shoes that are high volume and lace will provide the optimal environment for your new orthotics. Elite Feet orthotics were initially designed to fit mainly in athletic and casual shoes, but we have since designed a style that will fit in most dress shoes. If you normally fit your shoes quite tightly, you may need to increase a half size to properly fit the orthotic and your foot. Elite Feet also makes full- length orthotics, as well as, more than 30 other material combinations which are chosen with your needs and shoe choices in mind.

As stated above, the orthotics work with your footwear to properly support your feet. The midsole and upper on a cheaper shoe will usually breakdown in less time and not provide a stable base on which the orthotic will sit. The midsole (the middle cushion area) is the most important element of your shoes. It provides the shock absorption and the stability in any athletic footwear. Often times, if the midsole is compressed you can place the shoes on a flat tabletop; they will “wobble” and lean toward or away from each other. Since the shoe will already be leaning to the inside or outside, the orthotic on the inside of the shoe will be leaning as well. As a result, even with the orthotic, alignment all the way up the leg column will be sacrificed.

Elite Feet provides orthotic crafting for medical professional and individuals worldwide. Any sport, which uses footwear, at any level, can benefit from proper foot alignment. Elite Feet has sent orthotics with athletes to the Winter and Summer Olympics, every level of triathlon worldwide, NCAA Division 1 National Football, Softball, Volleyball, Golf, Track and Field championships, Superbowl, Mount Everest, K2, and your local roads, trails and gyms. Additionally, we have been honored to aid representatives in every branch of the military to deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and parts unknown.

Some footwear examples include:

Boots – Military/Work/Mountaineering

Cleats – Soccer/Football/Lacrosse/Softball/Baseball

Court – Volleyball/Basketball/Tennis

Cycling – Mtn/Road- Skiing – Nordic/Alpine

Running – Road/Trail/Track

Skates – Hockey/Figure/Roller/Inline


There has been a lot of talk recently about the tax code — reforms, overhauls, and a break for the top 1%. Not at Elite Feet. All we care about is the bottom 10%... YOURS! Your knees and your feet. reform? Feet? How can we fix this? Custom orthotics
Amelia Elbert - Ultramarathon and Horsewoman

You name the footwear and we have put orthotics in them!

The average life of an orthotic is 3-4 years of everyday use, which includes athletic activities. This time frame is entirely dependent upon your activities, body size, and how hard you are on your footwear. If you keep your shoes updated (i.e., buy new ones before the old ones are completely breakdown) and buy quality footwear, there will be less stress to the orthotic and thus your orthotics will have a longer life. The orthotics and the shoes should work together, 50/50, as a part of a complete foot support package.

Many insurance plans no longer provide coverage for orthotics. You will need to check with your particular provider. If you have coverage, we will provide the necessary receipt and health insurance claim form, but you will need to submit it to your insurance company. If you have a prescription for orthotics and you submit it with the other paperwork, you will have a better chance of receiving reimbursement.

Since most providers are no longer covering orthotics, it is our goal at Elite Feet to keep the overall cost of our orthotics affordable and of the highest quality! That is why EVERYTHING is done in house as to cut out any middle man whose costs would further increase the price.

Your satisfaction and comfort is our only goal and is GUARANTEED! We will exceed your expectations! We offer FREE adjustments for 90 days after your initial purchase with a single day turn around time on ALL adjustments. Elite Feet offers a 30 day “no questions” refund on all orthotics, less a shipping and handling charge of $25.00.

Ingrid Hillhouse Ultra Distance Cyclist and Triathlete wearing custom foot orthotics by Elite Feet USA
Jiu Jitsu Fighter and Cyclo Cross competitor races in custom orthotics by Elite Feet USA. wearing custom foot orthotics by Elite Feet USA
Tennis USTA Pro wearing custom foot orthotics by Elite Feet USA