The Story


Founded 1995

Tammy Harbison President of Elite Feet USA in Boulder, CO and Austin, TX. As the owner of Elite Feet, Tammy has fabricated custom orthotics for age groups from 4–95.

Established: 1995

Fabricating orthotics since: 1990

Board Certified Pedorthist

American Board Certification Pedorthics
11-Time Ironman Triathlete Tammy Harbison transitioning from the swim to her bike
Tammy Harbison, owner of Elite Feet USA racing on her stand up paddleboard

Back Story

As an athlete, Tammy knows the wear and tear one’s body can take during exercise and athletics, as well as life. A competitive swimmer from age 6 through college, waterpolo player, jet ski racer, 30 years of all triathlon distances (11 time Ironman competitor and World Championship qualifier), 5k-marathon runner, Category 3 cyclist, standup and prone paddleboard racer, 14’er climber, 100 mile trail races pacer, weight lifter, etc…
Tammy also knows there are many ways to optimize one’s body to adapt to these changing needs and thrive. One of the many ways is proper support/alignment and footwear. 
In 1989, as she began her triathlon career, she battled shin splints/medial tibial stress syndrome and stress fractures. Within two weeks of being sent for custom orthotics her symptoms were alleviated, even while running. Soon thereafter, while pre-med at the University of Colorado, she began working for the same clinic. Working while finishing school and then four years after. In 1995, Tammy started Elite Feet USA Orthotics. Her “sole” purpose is to keep her patients able to do what they want and/or need to do, injury free. This includes orthotics evaluations and implementation, if required, shoe recommendations, exercises to regain muscle balance and strength in their newly optimized position. 


SEE some of Tammy’s successful customers and now friends.

Founder of Elite Feet Tammy Harbison out enjoying some steep peaks undoubtedly wearing Elite Feet orthotics!
Tammy Harbison riding with some lovely ladies at fundraiser
Tammy Harbison likes to Get Dirty on the Weekends with friends in their custom orthotics

Tammy transformed my life. I thought I'd had custom orthotics from my chiropractor, but Tammy helped me understand how unfit & unhelpful they actually were. Tammy crafted the right pair for me, and within a week I was no longer having to go 2x weekly to the chiropractor and my plantar fasciitis appeared to be on the mend. Now I can run again!