Order your Custom Orthotics

Option 1: Mail Order

Cost: $400

Down Payment ($100) — Balance ($300)

  1. Fill out Order Form ($100 payment when you submit the form)
  2. A shaping box will be sent to you
  3. Follow directions included with box, create your impressions and then mail back
  4. Your custom orthotics will be created.
  5. Tammy will notify you when they are ready.
  6. Pay $300 Balance – Your Orthotics will be shipped directly to you.
Mia Heide going for the jump shot playing for Duke University in Elite Feet USA orthotics
Joni Moore, Ultraman-Canada in Elite Feet USA orthotics
Average crafting time is 3-5 days.

Mail Order: expect 2-4 weeks, including shipping, for you to receive your new Elite Feet USA Orthotics.

Crafting time for in-house molding can be arranged for same day pick up upon request.

Option 2: In-House Setup & Molding

Cost: $375


Call 512.626.2323 for appointment


Call 303.666.5889 for appointment

Mail Order explained