Joni Moore

Joni Moore, Ultraman-Canada“I met Tammy in September of 2001.  I was racing a triathlon or duathlon almost every weekend and developed a horrible case of plantar fasciitis.

I was ready to have any procedure available to fix it, as I was the typical endorphin junkie who just wanted to race, not thinking about the long term injury it might cause.  Luckily, my physical therapist referred me to Tammy.  I was very skeptical and closed minded about adding any “props” or “devices” to my running.  Tammy’s expertise and willingness to explain how she could support my body from the ground up wasimpressive.  She taught me a lot about biomechanics in general, and how my own body was working well in some ways, where previous injury was doing a disservice to my body as a whole, in other ways.  She taught me ways to strengthen areas to maintain form and function and created an orthotic which would assist my biomechanics in the areas which could not be fixed through my own methods of strength and technique training.  Since meeting Tammy and wearing my Elite Feet orthotics, I have completed marathons, 10 Ironman distance races, too many half marathons and half iron distance triathlons, ultra running events, and this year finished 2nd overall female at Ultraman Canada.  I just celebrated my 45th birthday and I feel like I am running better than I did at 25.  Thanks Tammy!”

Joni Moore, Elite Triathlete

Joni & JessicaJoni and her niece, formers Kent State University track team member, Jessica Morgan, train and race in their Elite Feet Orthotics.