Kim Heide

“I have been a runner for 34 years, worn every type of Kim Heideorthotic and have been told by many coaches and doctors that though I was made to run from the ankles up,

I am a biomechanical mess from the ankles down. For years I struggled with injury after injury, despite limiting my mileage and using whatever style of orthotic was popular. After finally giving up running in frustration, I found Elite Feet Orthotics in 1998 and have been running injury-free ever since.

I regularly log 40-50 miles a week and race in the Masters category; I’ve even run one marathon, something I never thought I’d ever be able to do given my lousy biomechanics. I am living proof that Tammy’s knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship is the best in the business.”

– Kim Heide, Austin, TX