Orthotics Are Not Just For Elite Athletes

If you are a nurse, teacher, retail, restaurant or postal worker – I have some great news for you – orthotics are not just for elite athletes. You too, can enjoy the comfort of your own feet while working with custom orthotics, made just for you.I am often asked if I work only with elite athletes and in reality, elite athletes are actually a small percentage of my clientele. Most of my patients are everyday people from ages 5/6 into their 90’s. I see a lot of patients who spend their days working on their feet:

  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Postal employees
  • Retail/sales workers
  • Restaurant workers-kitchen/wait staff
Orthotics are not just for elite athletes

Our bodies were not designed to be on our feet all day. Especially on hard, unforgiving surfaces.

As we age and want to life a healthy lifestyle many older adults need to add some stability to their footing. I see active adults trying to stay healthy walking, hiking, running, cycling, etc. as well as not so active adults and seniors just trying to get through the day with less pain from the cumulative effects of aging.

Seniors can especially appreciate the added benefit of improved balance you get with an orthotic. Elite Feet custom orthotics will provide patients a more stable base from which to motivate and greater sensory feedback so the brain knows where the feet are and vise verse, making falls less common.

Whether you have a past injury or simply a mechanically based, genetic foot and leg pathology you have learned to deal with your entire life – there is no need to suffer. If you or someone you know is losing their sense of balance, or if you are on your feet all day – there is relief. Custom orthotics are not just for elite athletes, they are for all ages, shapes and sizes. Contact Elite Feet USA for more information about a fitting and finding something that will work for you. 

Orthotics are not just for elite athletes … they are for you.

Whether you are an elite athlete or an everyday person – let custom orthotics by Elite Feet USA help you get more comfort, stability and balance in your life.