Stephanie Kaderli

“Tammy’s knowledge of the interdependence of the foot, orthotic and shoe is tremendous!

I have been a competitive athlete for many Stephanie Kaderliyears but started to have concerns about my flat feet back in 2009.  I decided to go to a local podiatrist to update my old orthotics.  Unfortunately, that podiatrist created  incorrect molds of my feet, was off on the arch, used outdated materials, surface had lumps and recommended the wrong shoes.  The result was a tear in my posterior tibial tendon of the right foot.  For a person who participates in sports every day, this is the type of injury that you fear the most.  For four months I was unable to put any weight on my foot, actively did physical therapy for a year and only then was I able to walk halfway normal.

Tammy was truly a lifesaver for me during this time and very much responsible in part for my recovery.  Wearing the correct orthotic was critical for my healing and Tammy spent many hours over many months making continuous adjustments to my orthotic as my foot slowly strengthened and came back to life.  To this day, she continues to assist me in choosing the correct shoes, creating orthotics for my cute heels, and making adjustments to my orthotics each time the running companies change their “versions”.

I still have foot issues with my cuboid and tendons moving out of place.  You would think with all these foot issues I wouldn’t be able to train, but when I put on those shoes with my orthotics, it all stays in place!  Thanks Tammy!  I wouldn’t be running without you!”

– Stephanie Kaderli