Max, Army Ranger

Max Krupp, Army Ranger

“Out of my 20 years of military service, I owe my last 10 to Tammy and her Elite Feet orthotics. Throughout my career, all of my assignments have required traveling long distances under load and conduct military parachuting.

In 2001, I broke both my feet in multiple places while carrying 65+ pounds around 30 miles. Physical therapy, rest and recuperation, and after market orthotics failed to alleviate my pain and proved ineffective on my road to recovery. As I continued to watch my physical performance deteriorate, I came to the realization that I may no longer be able to serve the military in my current capacity.

Upon meeting Tammy, I immediately knew I was dealing with a professional. She made great effort to learn my history, assess the nature of my multiple injuries, and learn the physical requirements of my occupation.

Within a week of receiving my first pair of Elite Feet Orthotics, I was running, foot marching, and conducting my day-to-day activities free of pain. In addition, I now had the piece of mind and confidence to do my job without fear of continuous re-injury.

I am indebted to Tammy for my rehabilitation, and continue to purchase orthotics from her annually. Her subject matter expertise, care and concern, and ability to tailor to the needs of her clientele are unparalleled. I am happy to be her customer and call her my friend.”

– Max, Army Ranger/Green Beret