Austin Massage Company Features Elite Feet USA

Elite Feet USA is honored to be Austin Massage Company’s featured business

Here’s what Austin Massage Company had to say

If you are an athlete, as are many of our clients, then your feet are one of the most important things to keep healthy. Massage is great to keep your body at its best but it takes more. Elite Feet USA is part of our wellness village and we’d like you to consider making them part of yours.

“Elite Feet USA is part of our wellness village”

Elite Feet USA was founded and is operated by Tammy Harbison, an 11-time Ironman competitor and someone who know the ins and outs of foot biomechanics. Elite Feet USA has locations in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado as well as an online customized order process. Tammy’s goal is make sure your feet are in tiptop shape. Stop by if you are in the Austin area. Elite Feet USA’s orthotics have been trusted by UT sports teams and even Lance Armstrong during his 6th and 7th Tour de France.

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to get custom orthotics

All orthotics created with Elite Feet are customized to your needs! No more trying insole after insole to find your match. They ARE your match! So go check them out! Can’t get to Texas or Colorado? Order yours online today!


Austin Massage Company Features Elite Feet USA