Orthotics In Your Cycling Shoes? Yes!

Do your feet hurt more after a bike ride than your butt? Thinking of using shammy butter on your feet? Well, you are not alone! You need to consider orthotics in your cycling shoes and…Elite Feet USA can help. Tammy Harbison can help take the pressure off of your feet when you are biking. The stress and strain that can be created when you are out of alignment can lead to many other issues.

In an article published on Footloose Sports, Chris Smith-Professor Emeritus of Podiatry and co-founder of Superfeet Worldwide describes why orthotics in your cycling shoes works. The article goes on to share: “It is an assumption that in the pedal stroke there is little if any weight on the heel, however there is a growing body of empirical data that there is virtually the same pressure under the heel as there is under the forefoot during the pedal stroke. In order to pedal there must be downward pressure from the legs through the ankle joint to the feet. Even if unweighted an orthotic still aligns the feet inside the shoes.”

Take the pressure off with a new set of orthotics from Elite Feet USA. It’s super convenient, you can order your custom orthotic online. Get your feet in Tour de France shape and head for the hills.