Tammy Harbison

Tammy was born in Youngstown, Ohio. After living in Michigan, Colorado, and California, she was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began swimming competitively at age 7 and continued to swim year around through college.

Tammy Harbison Ironman Finish - Orthotics ExpertFollowing two years at Oklahoma State University, Tammy finished her Kinesiology degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While swimming for the University of Colorado, she began racing sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. In 1989, after a year of battling shin splints/medial tibial stress syndrome, she was sent for custom foot orthotics. Within two weeks, the pain was gone. She was so impressed, she began working part-time at the very same running store which specialized in the fabrication of custom orthotics. She worked for this company for eight years, honing her own skills in custom orthotic fabrication. In 1997, Tammy started her own company, Elite Feet Orthotics, which focuses exclusively on custom, hand-crafted orthotics. Additionally, in 2007, Tammy became a Board Certified Pedorthist.

As the owner of Elite Feet, Tammy has fabricated custom orthotics for all age groups from 4 – 95 years of age. If a sport requires footwear, chances are, Tammy has customized an orthotic for that sport. Ski boots, water skis, toe shoes, soccer cleats, figure and hockey skates, running shoes, hiking boots, military boots, sandals, and even Hungarian dance boots, to name a few. Lance Armstrong trusted Tammy’s expertise all the way to winning his 6th and 7th Tour de France victories in 2004 and 2005.

An accomplished athlete, Tammy knows the wear and tear one’s body can take. She also knows that proper footwear and support have helped keep her body healthy. Tammy is an 11 time Ironman competitor. Whether in Austin, Boulder or wherever she may be, she helps to keep herself sane and fit while road/mountain biking, running, stand up paddle boarding, x-country skiing or snow shoeing. When that doesn’t work she just likes hanging out in her front yard with her dog Wrigley.