March Madness Doesn’t Have to Describe Your Feet

It’s March Madness and the games are on!

March madness on the court with Elite Feet USA

Conference play is almost complete and the brackets are shaping up. What teams are you rooting for? Basketball is such an exciting action-packed sport. From backyard matchups all the way to the pros – there is never a dull moment on the court. But nothing compares to when basketball first began and the crowds got to rebound balls that came their way and refs threw the ball back out onto the court when it went out of bounds – the first team to the ball gained possession.

Eventually chickenwire was used to cage the crowds out and in 1913, an out of bounds rule was developed after the high injury rate of players and referees.

Basketball fun facts

  • Basketball was invented in 1891 by  Canadian Jim Naismith, a YMCA teacher in Massachusetts.
  • The first basketball was actually a soccer ball, hoops were made out of peach baskets and backboards were fashioned from chicken wire.
  • Basketball became an official Olympic event in 1936 for men and 1976 for women.
  • The University of Oregon won the first NCAA basketball tournament in 1939.
  • Louisiana Tech won the first NCAA women’s basketball tournament in 1982.

Does March Madness have your feet down?

If you avoid leaping or jumping because of foot pain, you are losing possible points! Custom orthotics by Elite Feet USA can get you leaping back onto the basketball court.

Many basketball players rely on orthotics to give them the extra support and protection they need while on the court. Orthotics can provide support for athletes and help reduce injuries. The non-stop and hard-stop running, jumping and twisting creates pressure on basketball players’ knees and feet. A professionally designed custom orthotic will help feet absorb shock by controlling how they hit the court.

Are Your Feet Creating March Madness in Your Shoes?

Whether you are a professional basketball player, shooting hoops in the park with friends, or a coach for a basketball team, consider preventative measures to support your feet and knees and don’t wait until it is too late. Not sure if orthotics are for you? Read this article to learn more.

Be your own kind of superstar

When your knees and feet need support on the court, custom orthotics can be a real boon to protecting your body from injury or providing support to prevent injury.  And while orthotics provide an advantage for many basketball aficionados by reducing pain and freeing up movement and healing – you can’t expect to go head to head with Diana Taurasi y – you are going to need more than orthotics to do that! You can be your own kind of superstar on the court and shoot for your personal bests, with the proper support and feet that are willing to make those daring moves.

Get support for your entire body, beginning with your feet so you can jump, leap bounds and lunge like the pros. Order Online Today.