Order Your Custom Orthotics Without Leaving Your Home

How do you exercise without leaving home

According to a recent Boulder County Health informational release “COVID-19: Managing the Mental Mayhem”, we should move our bodies and exercise 30 minutes per day most days. In usual circumstances, that may require a moan and groan while we consider our options, hiking in the foothills, walking around the park, long boarding around the neighborhood, or going to the gym. For many throughout the world under lock-down or stay-at-home orders, finding creative ways to move our bodies 30 minutes a day may require extraordinary and creative efforts.

What are you doing to exercise without leaving your home?

How many steps around your living room makes a mile? What kind of stairs workout can you manage going to your basement and back up in 30 minutes? Considered loading a backpack and carrying it around the house for an added weight workout? Bags of dried beans for the perfect tricep workout? Planks in the morning, jump rope in the afternoon? Tapping into your favorite online yoga practice? Is your neighborhood organizing stay-at-home dance parties? What are you doing to exercise without leaving your home?

pacing around your living room to get your steps in without leaving home

What is your stay-at-home routine? Are you getting your 30 minutes of movement right out of bed? Are you taking regular breaks? Scheduling self-care? The Managing Mental Mayhem article offers some great tips for getting on a schedule and maintaining a level of health and well-being during uncertain times. You can do it! We can do it!

Order your custom orthotics without leaving your home

What ever you do to incorporate movement will help ease the stress of the times. The good news is that you can get your new custom orthotics of replace your current ones without leaving your home and support your feet and knees while you are creatively moving. Elite Feet USA offers two methods of ordering your custom orthotics: order online and your cast kits will be sent to you with instructions or if you are in Boulder Colorado or Austin, Texas, Tammy Harbison is offering in-home set-up and molding. Either way you choose, there is no time like the present to get your feet and knees in order so that when this is over and we can hit the trails and gyms again, your feet will be ahead of the pack.

Order now and get those miles in around your living room in comfort.