Did your Elite Feet Orthotics take you to the Total Eclipse of the Sun?

Renewal: focus on your feet.

The total eclipse of the sun is a wonderful time for renewal. How fortunate to witness such an epic natural event during our lifetime…an eclipse of the sun! For those of you who were able to travel to the eclipse path of totality, here’s hoping your experience was everything you wanted it to be. Even a month later, people are still glowing about their experiences, and those of us who missed it – are planning our trek to the next one.

The sun, returning to it’s full display after the eclipse provides us with an introspective time to think about refreshing and renewal. Many cultures look to the days after an eclipse as a time for renewal.

Would you like to discover your renewal?

Renewal can take many forms and one suggestion from Elite Feet Orthotics is to renew your efforts to take the best possible care of your feet. As most people have experienced, when your feet are not happy, you are not happy!

Did your Elite Feet Orthotics take you to the Total Eclipse of the Sun?

eclipse renewal elite feet orthotics

Refreshing your shoes is one way you can lengthen the life of your orthotic and get you out on the road again. Our orthotics generally last about 3-4 years with everyday use, including athletic activities. If you keep your shoes updated (i.e., buy new ones before the old ones are completely broken down) and buy quality footwear, there will be less stress to the orthotic and thus your orthotics will have a longer life. The orthotics and the shoes should work together, 50/50, as a part of a complete foot support package.

Whatever your goal for renewal, there is no reason to have foot pain.

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