Your Feet Are Unique

I took my car to the shop the other day to get the tires rotated.  “If you just keep rotating these tires every 5000 miles, you can get another 6-8 months out of them.  These are great tires; we put these guys on 150 cars every month,” I was told.

If only it was that easy with our feet!

Your Feet Are Unique You Rotate Your Tires More Frequently Than Your Orthotics

Unlike the tires on every mini-van on the road these days, your feet – indeed your skeletal structure – is unique to you.  So is the way you move – the mechanics that propel your body forward.  What are the chances that a one-size-fits-all shoe insert that you can purchase at the drug store just so happens to be the perfect design, shape, length, thickness, and width to best support your feet?


Your Feet Are Unique

At Elite Feet USA, the thought of putting the same orthotic under the feet of “150 people every month” is disturbing to say the least!  We could not situate ourselves any farther away from that perspective.  Our approach at Elite Feet USA is quite the opposite. We treat every client uniquely; your feet are unique, and your orthotics should be as well.

If you treat your feet – your shoes and orthotics – like you treat your car tires, it is time for a change in perspective!  Come in to Elite Feet USA and let us design an orthotic for you that we know will help you feel better, keep you pain free, and support every minute of your time-on-feet!  Can’t get to the office? Custom order your orthotics and have them delivered to your door.