Reforms, overhauls, and a break for the top 1%

There has been a lot of talk recently about the tax code — reforms, overhauls, and a break for the top 1%.

Not at Elite Feet.

All we care about is the bottom 10%… YOURS! Your knees and your feet.

The fall running season is coming to a close, and you know it’s time for your winter recovery. So start at the bottom — your shoes are broken down, and your over-the-counter orthotics are shot and worn.

Contact our Elite Feet offices and let us help you rebuild your foundation.

New orthotics. It’s that time of year.

reforms overhauls break for top 1% - keep happy with custom orthotics by Elite Feet USA


A word about Elite Feet USA orthotics…

After 20+ years in the industry, you’d think that we have seen every kind of foot out there. We assure you that’s not true! Every week a new client enters our doors, and we do the same thing that we did with our very first client: We start at the beginning, determining what makes your feet unique, and how a set of custom orthotics from Elite Feet can help you feel better, move more efficiently, and prevent injuries. We get it — You can find an insert for your shoes at any pharmacy in town. But don’t be fooled. There is a big difference between an over-the-counter insert that fits inside every shoe on the market, and a custom-designed orthotic from Elite Feet that has been crafted specifically to align with your skeletal structure, and your unique movement mechanics.

Given the number of hours you spend on your feet every week, doesn’t it seem smart to protect them for the long haul?

Contact our Elite Feet offices for a unique foot and mechanics analysis that could change the way you feel, the way you move, and the way you perform.