Set Your Inner Olympian Free

Do The Olympics Get Your Inner Olympian Going?

Like many of you, I have spent the past few days glued to the TV screen, absolutely mesmerized by what those Olympic athletes can do on a pair of skis, a board, or some skates. As I have been watching event after event, I have been struck at how often the slow motion cameras are focused on the athletes’ … FEET!

Downhill racers somehow holding an edge at 80 miles per hour… Figure skaters nailing spins and jumps on a piece of steel an eighth of an inch wide… Snowboarders dancing on rails … Ski jumpers touching down after flying for 800 feet in the air … Short track skaters leaning into a ridiculous angle at 28 mph, held inches off the ice by a single blade… Nordic skiers transitioning from edge to glide in a split second, over and over, for 30 kilometers. It’s amazing!

The foundation begins with the feet

These remarkable athletes and their varied sports all have one thing in common: the difference between a medal or not has everything to do with the stability of their feet as they come in contact with snow and ice. Properly aligning the bones in the feet with the rest of the skeleton to absorb incredible loads of stress is obviously not something these athletes leave to chance.

Nor should you.

While you may not have the Olympic medical team injecting form-fitting foam into your ski boots, making micro-adjustments to the blades on your ice skates, or smoothing the sliders on your curling slippers before you brush the stone, you CAN visit Elite Feet USA for custom orthotics and professional foot care without leaving your own home. New orthotics will no doubt make your winter sports exploits more comfortable, safer, enjoyable, and pain free and help set your inner Olympian free.

Treat your feet like they belong in the Olympics

So… whether you are “twizzling” on the ice, your “Triple Toe Loop” needs some work, you ride “goofy” on your board, you need a bit more air for a “Toe Grab”, or you simply want to enjoy your next snowshoe hike in the woods, “Drop in” to Elite Feet USA where we promise to treat your feet (and your inner-Olympian!), with the greatest of care.